WatchBase DataFeed

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WatchBase is an online watch database, that currently offers detailed information on over 32,000 unique high-end watches and close to 3,000 movements.

All watch data is available in CSV, XML or JSON format through our WatchBase Datafeed, for just US $0.25 per watch entry. Ready to be used in your for use in your online store, your watch blog, auction site, mobile app, etc...

IMPORTANT: please note that the WatchBase Datafeed does not include the watch images. For copyright reasons, we cannot sell or sublicense these images.

To get started, just sign up for a DataFeed account on the right. Then from your account page, the watch data can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Downloadable datasets in CSV, XML or JSON format:
    A super-easy way to get watch data. Just define your own dataset, by brand/family and searching. Then download your dataset to a CSV file (for Excel), or a structured XML or JSON file.
    You can find an example dataset here: CSV, XML or JSON
  2. Through our Data Feed API:
    This requires some programming, but it will let you integrate the DataFeed into your own backend system. Data is delivered in XML or JSON format. API documentation

DataFeed Pricing:

The pricing for the WatchBase Datafeed is simple: US $0.25 per watch entry. No sign-up fees, no subscription fees.

Sign up for a DataFeed account

Sign up for your account below and receive 500 trial credits (good for downloading 20 watch entries).